It is important that our term of use agreement be read and that you comply with our site policy and regulations in order to safely conduct your business activities with Quickenauctions.com

Step1- Registration and Log in
To use our online services you are required to register. The registration process is easy and will give you access to your account information. You will then be able to login once you have registered.
You will also need to update your account by hitting Edit profile when there is any change. Registration is free of charge. Make sure to use accurate information when you register. Also read and accept our Privacy Policy and Term of use agreement. It is important that our policy and term of use agreement is read and that you comply with our site policy and regulations in order to safely conduct your business activities with Quickenauctions.com

Any user who registers with false information is going against our policy and will have his/her user account cancelled and his identity revoked from our system.

Step2- Bidding Process
As a buyer, after you completed the registration process and logged in to our system, you can now browse auctions and start bidding on items. You have to make sure your PayPal account is functional and updated in order to post your items. We charge 50 cents ($0.5) as a listing fee for your account approval, which does not come to us but to PayPal due to their minimal transaction fees that is required by PayPal in order to do transaction with them. We also charge 50 cents ($0.5) for all featured auctions for allowing more visibility and advertisement for your listings

Our system is very flexible on this matter in a way that it allows the user to decide whether he wants to ship his items or he simply wants to have the buyer come and pick up the sold items at his location. In one or the other cases, the choice is up to the sellers to select shipping while doing his posting or to simply mark as shipping not required.
When the box corresponding to shipping is marked then it means items will be shipped to buyer when sold and seller at that point should have had put in there the amount for the shipping which goes along or in addition to the bid price at the end of the auction.
If shipping is not required, we recommend that The City Name or Current Pick up location only be displayed at the Description for the pickup option. For example Pick up location: 123 ABC drive, Southlake, State & Zip code. After the auction Ends and payment made, complete pick up address and paid invoice will be issued to buyer or buyer will print his invoice and add his ID/proof of identity to go for pick up. It always good to set an appointment with the buyer for pick up. Emails, Phone numbers and website addresses are strictly prohibited in the description of your auction.

Step4: Emails, Phone numbers and website addresses Policy
The seller and or buyer are not authorized to share any Emails, Phone numbers and website addresses while auction is on. Contact seller option is for use only when the buyer has specific question about the functioning of the item and such question can be displayed for all bidders participating on the sale auction. Using\emails, phones or web addresses to gain any mean or interest is strictly prohibited by our site Terms and thus against our policies. A user with such misconduct r wrong doing will be stripped off his right of participating in any auction on our site and his IP be revoked and he will be responsible for all liabilities that will result from that misconduct. In any case, as a user if you have any problem for registering or bidding , please contact us as soon as possible so we can solve your concern as our first priority( use the contact form or call the customer service at 8046657416). We value your time and the opportunity having you doing business with us.

Step5: Payment Policy
We want our users to make sure they register with accurate information as payment fields are required to be completed during the registration. The payment information you provided is what will be used as method of payment at the end of the auction, otherwise you can also update your account with new method of payment if the old is not in use. We recommend our users to have their PayPal account handy and updated and also we do use Stripe Credit and Debit in forms of VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER AND AMERICAN EXPRESS. Once an auction ends, the buyer is entitled to pay the total amount of the item including shipping cost in addition to the commission fees. On the other hand the seller will get paid or will be funded after items has been shipped or complete removal of the assets by the buyer at the scheduled time. In one or the other hands, payment will be made through PayPal or Stripe Debit or Credit Card payment Gateway.

This page is still undergoing revision and any change to these policy will be highlighted and updated to the knowledge of our valued customers.