The Future of Auctions is Now :
When you, or your business, needs to liquidate property, assets or materials, finding a dedicated auction solution can be challenging. Many auction services make you jump through hoops, follow ridiculous auction procedures and don’t offer the level of support that Quicken Auctions does.
We are here for you and our focus is to work laterally with each and every one of our clients whether locally or worldwide to provide them with a level of service and support that no other auction service can. If partnering with an auction service that offers more benefits, more features and an easy to use online platform is important to you, trust Quicken Auctions and let us show you what we can do for you today.

The Ultimate Auction Solution :
Serving the auction community on a worldwide level, Quicken Auctions was founded in 2008 under the principle of offering our clients real-world solutions to all of their website needs. We have combined today’s most popular online auction services, kept what works and threw out what didn’t and then simplified it to ensure both our bidders and our buyers have a convenient way to make purchases from anywhere in the US and the rest of the world.

Our Philosophy :
Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients can’t get anywhere else. Quicken Auctions partners with an array of advertising channels and auction listing marketplaces to ensure the visibility of its sellers’ postings making for faster sales. We put a lot of emphasize on the safety of our transactions and making sure that buyers and sellers are conducting their transactions in a safe manner according to our terms of use policy.
Quicken Auctions offers bidders a wide range of new and used auction options to choose from including:
1- Estate Sales
2- Downsizing Properties
3- Surplus and Overstock Sales
4- Asset Liquidations
5- Fast Moving Sales
6- Restaurant Utilities
7- Heavy Equipment Sales
8- Vehicles Sales
9- Heavy Cleaning Equipment
10- Consignment Asset Sales

How It Works :
Unlike traditional auction platforms where the buyer needs to perform an inspection of the items, Quicken Auctions has created a video description for its buyers that will help them learn more about the items from anywhere in the world. Winning bidders can pick up the items themselves or accept shipping of the items through a contact form made available on the site unless the seller reserves the sale as only shipping option.

Payment :
Unlike other traditional auction sites where payments take weeks and months, Quicken Auctions has made the resolution to make payment available to seller right away after pick up options and days after shipping of items are confirmed by both parties and items cleared from sellers facility. Payment time frame will however take consideration of the number of days stipulated by the seller for the return policy. Disputes and refunds are subject to a closely arbitrage that help both parties understand and take responsibility of their misused of terms and conditions. There are of course much more advantages for selling with that can be found on our Selling and Buying info on our site.

Connect With Quicken Auctions Today :
To learn more about Quicken Auctions and our award winning online auction solutions, contact us today via email at: and let one of our auction representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. This Page is still undergoing revisions!!!!!!!!!